Wright Patterson Job Fair May 5 2010

You are receiving this because you have asked about jobs at the base or have a group who might be interested in jobs at the base. We were sent a note today that there will be another Career Fair, 5 May 2010, from 10AM to 3PM at the Ervin J. Nutter Center. It is for professional mid-career level positions. They are looking for professionals with advanced degrees and/or specialized experience in the areas of Life Cycle Logistics, Financial Management, Contracting, Program Management, Test Evaluation and Engineering. You are advised to come with a resume. As many of you know this career fair was heavily attended last time, about 5,000 people. So bring a book, and be prepared to wait, except for Bob who was fifth in line. Good news is that I know at least a dozen people who were hired through the last career fair, so it does work for some. There will be additional information coming out in the media on this event.

WPAB is expecting to lose about 40% of the workforce within the next 5 years, they need to fill jobs. If you are wondering, they are not discriminating on age. I know one gentleman who was recently hired who is over 60 and another one over 57 years of age. However be ready to talk to things in government speak, to explain the experience you have had in your career that is relevant to the position. Also do not be afraid to have resumes for more than one category, if you are interested in more than one area.

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