Ways To Save Money 2012 11 30 Session

Sherry, Marty and the community shared a number of great ways to save money
• Weusecoupons.com
• www.cincygasprices.com
• Gas Buddy – Smartphone application (gasbuddy.com)
• Use Coupons from the Sunday circular
• Kroger.com
o download up to 150 coupons
o they are deducted from your card automatically
• Shopping rewards cards: Panera, Walgreens,
• Aldi (great milk prices)
• Countryfresh Produce (great, local produce)
• Eating in
• Lease vs. buy? buying is better
• Dress For Success (women and men)
• Consider increasing the deductible in your insurance (car, renter or home ownership)
• Goodwill stores (boutique stores)
• Pawn shops
• Cincinnati Computer Cooperative – recycle computers for sale, refurbished computers ($150 for desktop, $200 for laptop) available for JSFG, students, those 55+ of age
• Public Library – WOW, are there a lot of things there to borrow!
• Diane Kinsella group has a great library
• Books, CDs, DVDs at a good price: Abebooks.com; half.com;
• Deals on various items: Cincysavers, livingsocial, groupon,
• Furniture: Snooty Fox, Peppermint Pig, Discovery Shop
• Amazon.com – set up a wish list, can add a Firefox/Chrome extension to include other retailers

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