Tips From 2012 04 27 Meeting

Kathy: Evernote

Jonathan: Snipping tool


Steve: Hack50 from "Upgrade Your Life" by Gina Trapani

SMS via email

  • Here are the email addresses for the 6 most popular cellular phone carriers:
  • T-Mobile: ten.liamomt|rebmunenohp#ten.liamomt|rebmunenohp
  • Virgin Mobile: moc.lbomv|rebmunenohp#moc.lbomv|rebmunenohp
  • Cingular: moc.emralugnic|rebmunenohp#moc.emralugnic|rebmunenohp
  • Sprint: moc.scptnirps.gnigassem|rebmunenohp#moc.scptnirps.gnigassem|rebmunenohp
  • Verizon: moc.txetv|rebmunenohp#moc.txetv|rebmunenohp
  • Nextel: moc.letxen.gnigassem|rebmunenohp#moc.letxen.gnigassem|rebmunenohp

where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

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