Tech Reach At Elder High School

Elder High School’s tech-reach Program offers free and low-cost classes from its Adult Computer Literacy Course of Study on Tues and Thurs evenings. Our grant-subsidized courses are designed to teach:

  • the computer skills adults need to improve their job prospects, complete their educational goals,
  • and communicate effectively through electronic media.

Computer courses are 6, 8, or 10 hours long, taught by industry training professionals in 2-hr sessions, in the computer labs of Elder’s Schaeper Center, located off Glenway Avenue in Price Hill.

Please see the attached schedule of course offerings, with course descriptions, for May through August, or visit us at []

The Fundamentals level technology course “Computer & Internet Basics I” is federally funded through “Connect Ohio” and is free to adults (register by phone, mail, or fax). Intermediate, application, and advanced courses have registration fees of $35 to $40, which must be pre-paid with the registration.

Our schedule also includes free helpful financial and lifestyle management courses by partner non-profits:

  • Monthly 2-hr sessions of “Earn It – Keep It – Grow It” presented by the Price Hill Financial Opportunity Center (Cincinnati Works, Santa Maria Community Services, & Price Hill Will)– call 513-587-6920, ext 300, to register (see the tech-reach schedule & course description)
  • An August 28th 3-hr session of ”When Life Throws A Curve Ball: Learning to Live on Less” presented by Catholic Charities South Western Ohio, LifeSpan Ohio, and OSU Extension of Hamilton County – call 513- 241-7745 to register (see attached flyer)

Nancy K. House, M.A.

Director, tech-reach

Elder High School

3900 Vincent Ave

Cincinnati OH 45205

513-921-3744 ext 3636


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