Reading Is Fundamental In Job Search

Reading is Fundamental (For Job Seekers) by Tom Antunes

A) Preparation – Self Discovery
1. Read Lucht's "Rights of Passage" book. This was most helpful during my last big transition 10 years ago.
2. Read the latest version of Yates' "Knock 'em Dead" a bit fresher version than Lucht's book. This was the most beneficial recently
3. Read & Complete all the exercises in "What Color is your Parachute"
4. If you're an emotional wreck, read "Who moved my Cheese" and get over it. :-)
All these are really about discovering what/who you are and having 6 wonderful stories to tell. You need to be narrow and specific about what you are. Be at peace with what you’re not. Don’t waste people’s time applying for jobs that are not you.

B) To clear the interview hurdles
1. Read Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - this came up in 100% of my interviews.,
2. Read Godin's "Purple Cow" it came up (during their screening interviews) with many East Coast or West Coast ‘hip’ executive search firms with whom I progressed to final rounds. I think the headhunters like it because they can read with one martini – it’s quick. Essentially, they want you to tell them in 2 minutes what makes you a Purple Cow. If you cannot answer that question, they’re not interested. (See “A”)

C) To win the job
….. Find out what your prospective employers / hiring managers are reading
1. Check their LinkedIn Page - read whatever it is they read so you have something to talk about and you understand how they think. Cite specific examples from the book they’ve read. This did help me get to two finalists positions.
2. Alternate: read their whitepapers or industry speeches
3. Be current on world and business events – CNN, WSJ are still good sources. Know a story about another enterprise which might be an analogy for them.

PS: I also was lost for a few weeks – and touching base with the Bible helped me refocus and keep things in perspective.

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