Keyboard Shortcuts - 6/19/09 Computer Tips & Tricks Presentation

WinKey + D = Minimizes all windows and shows the desktop
WinKey + Tab = Cycles through the programs shown on the taskbar
WinKey + F = Brings up the Windows Search box
WinKey + E = Opens up Windows Explorer
WinKey + Pause = Opens System Properties

SHIFT+F10 = Same as right-clicking an object
CTRL+ESC = Opens the Start menu
ALT+[underlined letter in menu, i.e. F for File, etc..] = Opens the menu
ALT+F4 = Closes the current program
CTRL+F4 = Closes the current window in a program
ALT+F6 = Switches between multiple windows in the same program
CTRL+Tab = Switches between multiple tabbed windows in the same program
SHIFT+DELETE = Deletes selection immediately, without it hitting the Recycle Bin
ALT+TAB = Cycles through the programs shown on the taskbar

Ctrl + S = Saves Document
Ctrl + A = Selects all the contents of a page
Ctrl + C = Copy selected text
Ctrl + X = Cut selected text
Ctrl + V = Paste the selected text
Ctrl + F = Opens the find box
Ctrl + B = Bolds the highlighted selection
Ctrl + I = Italicize the highlighted selection
Ctrl + K = Insert a link to a Web site
Ctrl + U = Underline the highlighted selection
Ctrl + Y = Repeat the last action performed
Ctrl + Z = Undo last action (I love this one!)
Ctrl + End = Moves the cursor to the end of the document
Ctrl + Home = Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document

NOTE: Thanks to Kim Komando ( website for many of these summarized in one place!

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