JSLL Completion Celebration

In a bittersweet announcement, the JSLL Steering Team has decided that our 4th anniversary party on May 3rd will also be our Completion Celebration. We will cease weekly Friday meetings and we aren’t sure if JSLL will happen in some form in the future (details will follow if/when there are other planned activities.) We always said that we hoped to work ourselves “out of business” and we feel like we’re getting there

  • Unemployment is continuing to drop – thank goodness!
  • Numbers at JSLL are down versus our peak (this is also true for JSFG)
  • There are numerous other effective sources for technical help now, especially including the Hamilton County Library system

Over the 4 years of JSLL, here are a few of the numbers

  • we have met over 600 wonderful men and women
  • almost 200 quality presentations have been given by volunteers from our job search/JSLL community plus tri-state business and community leaders
  • at the peak we served 25-35 people at our weekly meetings

Far more important than numbers are the relationships! We have

  • made some wonderful network connections for finding a job
  • shared conversations about our families
  • heard some heart-breaking stories
  • shared lots of smiles, hugs and love

JSLL has resulted in changed lives for many of us. The JSLL Steering Team members feel blessed to have been connected with each of the participants and wish you the very best in all future endeavors!

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