2011/2012/2013 Presentation Decks (Available When Presenter Provides)

LikedIn - What's Holding You Back? Steve Long at Family Life Center on 2014-03-03

Transitions Playbook - Steve Long at JSFG on 2013-08-19

Visual Summary of Completeness Worksheet - accompanying 2013-08-19 JSFG talk

Transitions: Philosophy Overview - Steve Long at JSFG on 2013-08-12

Influence Decision-Makers with Plain Language - Eileen Harkins 2013-04-12

PowerPoint and You - An Interview Helper? Steve Long 2013-02-01

LinkedIn2 Workshop - Steve Long 2013-01-25

Resilience in the Job Search - Pam Hoctor 2013-01-11

I'm My Own IT - John Burnside 2012-12-07

Ways to Save Money - GROUP 2012-11-30

PowerPoint and You - An Interview Helper? Steve Long 2012-11-02

LinkedIn Workshop3: Premium Services and APPs that POP - Steve Long 2012-09-07

LinkedIn Workshop2: Key Words, Interview Tips and Help Center - Steve Long 2012-08-31

LinkedIn Workshop1: What's Holding You Back? Steve Long 2012-08-24

Job Search Thinking Outside the Box - Laura Hobson 2012-08-17

FreeMind Manual 2012-08-10

Mind Mapping FreeMind - Ray Hunter 2012-08-10

Word Cloud Workshop - Kathy Rose 2012-08-03

Computer Security - John Burnsdie 2012-07-27

LinkedIn Resolutions and Boxing in the Clouds - Steve Long 2012-07-06

Resilience in the Job Search - Pam Hoctor 2012-06-29

PowerPoint Case Study - Personal Branding 3-5 pagers 2012-06-01

The Brand Called You - Larry Porter 2012-05-25

PowerPoint Presentation Pointers - Steve Long 2012-5-11

Online Resources at the Public Library - Carrie Dressman 2012-4-20

Writing Workshop Part II: Resumes & Cover Letters - Eileen Harkins on 2012-04-06

Interviewing - Laura Pemberton on 2012-03-30

Writing Workshop in Word_Part 1 - Eileen Harkins on 2012-03-23

Key Words and Your Resume - Laura Pemberton on 2012-03-02

Skype Me Up Scotty - Steve Long on 2012-02-24

LinkedIn For Job Seekers - Jonathan Jacobs on 2012-02-17

Online Training Resources Kathy Rose on 2012-01-27

Personal Web Sites Can Be (Reasonably) Easy_Steve Long on 2012-01-20

Google Alerts - a 10 Minute Overview_Steve Long on 2012-01-20

Social Media in Job Search_Larry Porter on 2012-01-13

2012 New Year's Resolutions (Job Search focus)_Steve Long on 2012-01-06

Twitter Presentation_Kathy Rose on 2011-11-04

Delivering Information Directly to Your Computer or Smart Device_Larry Porter on 2011-10-21

Skype Me Up, Scotty_Steve Long on 2011-10-14

Additional Job Web Sites 2011-09-30

Favorite Sites Panel 2011-09-30

4 Essential Interview Questions_Lisa Slutsky on 2011-09-02

Interviewing Seminar_Lisa Slutsky on 2011-09-02

What's New in LinkedIn_Kathy Rose on 2011-08-26

LinkedIn for Job Seekers_Jonathan Jacobs on 2011-08-12

Excel Tips Larry Porter on 2011-08-05

Online Resources Galore_Kathy Rose_John Burnside on 2011-07-29

Microsoft Resources_Kathy Rose on 2011-07-22

What’s Your Job Search Marketing Plan?_Steve Long on 2011-07-15

PowerPoint: How to Present Yourself_Bob Graham on 2011-06-24

WorkForce One: Angela Hodges on 2011-06-03

Visual CV_Pam Hocter on 2011-05-27

Making Your To-Do List Doable_Jerry Seinfeld's Chain

Library Career Databases_(Carrie Dressman on 2011-04-08)

Library Company Research_(Carrie Dressman on 2011-04-08)

HireFriday_(Margo Rose on 2011-03-25)

RSS Feeds: Your Own Personal Magazine_(Bob Graham on 2011-02-25)

Playbook Visual Summary of Completeness_(Steve Long on 2011-02-18)

Playbook for Job Transition_(Steve Long on 2011-02-18)

Google Alerts_(Steve Long on 2011-01-28)

Personal Wiki_(Steve Long on 2011-01-28)

LinkedIn New Year's Resolutions_(Steve Long on 2011-01-07)

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