A Recruiter's View On Job Search In An Electronic Age

A Recruiter’s Thoughts: Job Searching in an Electronic Age.
Peter Standhart (email him: Peter.standhart at gmail.com — put @ in place of "at")

The process: Self Awareness. Reflection. Self Assessment.
** What are you about? Big / Small Co. Direction / No Direction, With people, No People, Entrepreneur / Corporate, Time in grade / Meritocracy

What are the 3 hurdles needed to get your dream job? (in order)
1. Skill / Intellect
2. Passion
3. Demonstrated Fit

What is the bull’s eye?
1. Currently employed
2. Doing well at that company
3. Performing skills needed by hiring company

The Dance of Interviewing: What’s going on?
1. Resume must show results
2. 95% selling self, 5% company selling you

Your Goal Company Goal
A) Get an offer A) Select the best person
B) Get a feel for the co. B)Sell the company to you

Types of search: Network, Direct, Recruiter, Career Builder/ Monster/ Internet.

  • Internet ++ Easy to find listings, Give lot of info about a job, Easy to apply
  • Internet — Employers are inundated, Doesn’t talk about fit for a role, No way to follow up, When it comes to finding a job, it’s still who you know. Personal recommendations more important than ever.

Your job:
Get out there.
Look everywhere, tell everyone you’re looking. (use all types of search – not just internet)
Elevator speech
Positioning – Competencies / Strengths (5 seconds)
Brief Personal History - Career Highlight, Bridge build (15 seconds)
Transition – Why looking? Open and Close the subject (5 seconds)
Search Goals – Career Objective (10 seconds)
Question – Clarify how you want help. Shopping vs Buying
Your most valuable asset? Your network
Linked in – Everyone signed up? Facebook – OK?
Your email address – legit and professional?

Your Interview:
Research the company, Lean forward, lots of eye contact, be positive,
Know your resume
3 strengths
3 greatest accomplishments
Research the company
Questions prepared
Lot of temp to permanent roles
Ask for the job!

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