100 Top On Line Sites For Those In Job Transition

Top 100 Sites for Job Searching on the Web

Super Resources (These three sites have it all-job listings, advice, career tools, and more.)

1. Monster: Search this popular job listing site to find some of the best jobs out there, along with career tools and lots of advice.
2. CareerBuilder: Browse and search jobs on this large job search and career site.
3. Yahoo! HotJobs: HotJobs has a number of job listings, articles, links, and more resources for job hunters.

Social Networking (Make use of these online networking tools to build your connections.)

4. LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to create a professional profile and discover connections in your network. Click here for tips on how to use LinkedIn to get a job
5. MyWorkster: Get networked with people in your community on this site for students, alumni, and job seekers.
6. Facebook: Use Facebook to get connected with old friends and new contacts.
7. MySpace: Although MySpace doesn’t exactly say professional, you can get connected with friends and other contacts on this social networking site.
8. Tribe: Join Tribe to network with people who have similar interests.
9. Ryze: Make business contacts and establish a networking homepage on Ryze.
10. Netparty: Get connected with other young professionals at the parties thrown by this organization.
11. Probook: Canadians can get connected on this professional networking site.
12. Fast Pitch Networking: On this professional social network for business, you can find step up your Internet presence, find friends and colleagues, and more.
13. Xing: Find people, manage your business contacts and network for your career on Xing.
14. Layoffspace: The unemployed can gather and network on this site.
15. Twitter: Use Twitter to update the world in 140 characters or less.
16. Meetup: Find a Meetup group to meet people who share your interests.
17. Whototalkto: Help people get your old position while looking for a new one on this website.
18. ZoomInfo: Build your online reputation by filling out a profile on ZoomInfo.
19. Ecademy: Create contacts and market yourself on this business networking site.
20. orkut: Find new business contacts and join communities on orkut.

Job Listings (On these sites, you can check out job listings by location, category, and more.)

21. Craigslist: Craigslist is a good source for freelance jobs and more.
22. JobCentral: Check out this "national labor exchange" to find jobs and post your resume.
23. The Employment Guide: Find hourly, entry level, and mid-management employment through this publication and website.
24. The Job Planet: Check out The Job Planet to find employers, set up job alerts, and more.
25. FlipDog: Search more than 500,000 jobs on this search site.
26. Job.com: Use this site’s search and career tools to find a job.
27. Career.com: Another popular job search site, Career.com offers plenty of positions for you to find.
28. 411Jobs: The Career Directory: Through this directory, you can find a variety of jobs in online classifieds, job banks, and more.

Niche Job Sites (These job sites were made with specific people and professions in mind.)

29. iHispano: Join this latino job board to find employers that are looking for hispanic and bilingual Spanish professionals.
30. Education Crossing: Check out Education Crossing to find all of the education jobs available online.
31. CareerJournal: Executives, managers, and professionals can find jobs on this site from The Wall Street Journal.
32. Dice: Dice features lots of top quality jobs for technology professionals.
33. HireDiversity: Check out this site to find jobs that value your diversity.
34. ExecuNet: On this executive website, you can network, find jobs, and get recruited.
35. Guru: Put your skills to work by creating a listing and responding to jobs on this freelance marketplace.
36. Law Firm Staff: Find jobs in law firms through this site.
37. CollegeGrad: Recent college graduates can find lots of jobs and helpful resources on this job site.
38. LatPro: Find Spanish, bilingual, and Hispanic jobs on LatPro.
39. iitjobs: Find international IT and tech jobs on this site.
40. Idealist: Idealist’s job site has listings for nonprofit jobs around the world.
41. College Recruiter: Check out this job site for college grads, and you’ll find jobs, tools, and resources that you can put to good use.
42. Law Crossing: Law Crossing has job listings for just about every available legal position out there.
43. America’s Job Bank: On this site, you can find jobs in state and local governments, education, public utilities, and more.
44. MilitaryHire: This site is the leading job site for military veterans.
45. The Ladders: Find six-figure jobs on this website.
46. TalentZoo: TalentZoo offers a job search engine for advertising, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, and publishing jobs.
47. American Library Association: The American Library Association maintains a list of open library positions.
48. Findlaw: Findlaw offers a career center for legal professionals.
49. 37signals: Check out 37signals to find programming, design, and executive jobs.
50. MonsterTRAK: College students and young alumni can find job listings and other useful resources on MonsterTRAK.
51. Saludos: This website provides career resources for Latino job seekers.
52. CoolWorks: Find summer and seasonal job listings at national parks and resorts on this website.
53. Alumwire: Alumwire offers a job search for recent college graduates and young alumni.
54. Opportunity Knocks: Check out this website to find nonprofit jobs and opportunities.
55. Care.com: On Care.com, you can find a job as a babysitter, tutor, pet sitter, or senior caregiver.

Search Engines (These sites make your job search easier by aggregating job listings from various sources online.)

56. Jobster: Jobster offers a way to look for jobs all over the Internet on one simple site.
57. NationJob: This site lists jobs across the nation, while still offering personal service.
58. Career Site: Career Site is a compilation of postings from a variety of job search resources online.
59. LinkUp: Check out this website that uncovers hidden jobs on company web sites.
60. SimplyHired: SimplyHired searches thousands of job websites and companies to bring you the most qualified results. The site also offers tools for finding local jobs, tracking trends, and more.
61. Career USAToday: This website will allow you to search jobs listed in participating newspapers.
62. Hound: Hound will help you search for jobs directly from employers’ career pages.
63. JuJu: JuJu offers a search of the US and Canadian job boards.
64. JustPosted: Find the latest job postings using this web search tool.
65. Indeed: Indeed will search job sites, newspapers, financial news, associations, and company career pages to find local jobs.
66. SnagAJob: Perform a job search on this site to find hourly, part time, and full time jobs.

Connections (Make use of these sites to get connected to the perfect job for you.)

67. Ziki: Use this site to fill out your ideal company, share your service profile, and more, and then connect with qualified employers.
68. NotchUp: Post your resume on this site, and employers will actually pay to interview you.
69. Climber: Climber will ask you to fill out a survey, and then match you to a job based on your interests.

Salary & Job Conditions (On these sites, you can check out employers and learn about your potential earnings.)

70. Payscale: Get customized salary reports from this website, and even compare your salary based on your status as a candidate and job seeker.
71. America’s Career InfoNet: With this resource, you can find occupation profiles and salary information.
72. SalaryScout: Find out what others are receiving as a salary through this website.
73. Peekface: On this website, you can read reviews of employers written by people who work with them.
74. US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Research average salaries, job outlook and more on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.
75. Abbott-Langer: Abbott-Langer offers in depth analysis surveys for salary and organizations.
76. Salary: Get a good idea of what you can expect to earn with this site’s reports.
77. SalaryExpert: This site will help you figure out how much you should be getting paid by using compensation data and comparison tools.

Branding Tools (These sites offer tools that will make your job hunt easier and more efficient.)

78. CareerShift: CareerShift offers an excellent way to organize your job hunting information online.
79. Resolio: Resolio will help you create a professional resume that you can publish online.
80. RiseSmart: This concierge service will help you find a position.
81. Emurse: Use Emurse to convert your resume into an hResume format for better online use.
82. Resume Calculator: Tom Jackson’s online quiz will help you build your perfect resume.
83. Isabont: Organize your job search with Isabont’s tool.

Advice & Information (On these sites, you’ll find lots of useful information and advice for job hunting.)

84. Ask the Headhunter: Get answers to your job hunting questions on this website.
85. US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Learn about preventing discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website.
86. Job-Hunt: Susan Joyce offers lots of advice for making the Internet work for you as a job hunter.
87. Damn Good Resumes: Here you’ll find lots of templates and samples for good resumes.
88. CareerLab: This website has lots of advice and answers to your most common job hunting questions.
89. Job-Hunt: On this site, you’ll find lots of job search resources.
90. Job Hunter’s Bible: This site is maintained by the author of "What Color is Your Parachute?," and provides useful links and advice for job seekers.
91. InterviewBest: This site will help you come up with useful presentations to take to your interviews.
92. Quintessential Careers: Quint Careers has lots of job seeker tools, tips, and more.
93. The Riley Guide: Learn all about onling job searching on this site that offers lots of advice and resources.
94. AceTheInterview: Use this website to learn interview dos, and don’ts, get a checklist, and more.
95. Susan Ireland’s Online Resume Writing Workshop: On this site, you can find Susan Ireland’s tips and samples for an effective resume.
96. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: Find useful information for jobs, preparation, and education in this resource.
97. About.com: Job Searching: Follow About’s guide to finding a job.
98. InterviewUp: Check out this community to sharpen up your interview skills.
99. JobStar: On JobStar, you can find resources and advice for job hunting, finding unadvertised jobs, and more.
100. US Department of Labor: This site shares information about salary, unemployment, and more.

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